Have you ever been part of an event or organization that asked you to design your ideal job title, something the creatively tapped into the authentic spirit / potential of the role?

Our 50+ invited participants -- aka, our "Design Adventurers" -- come from a wide range of schools and organizations, as well as a diverse set of professional roles including Head of School, Director of Innovation, Teacher, Creative Director, Designer, Architect, Technology Expert, etc.

That being said, we did not want our participants' introductions to each other to be guided by what is typically found in a resume or LinkedIn profiles. Instead, we were madly curious about the 'spirit' they were bringing with them, esp. in terms of their thinking style and their design instincts.

Upon registration, each participant was asked to do the following:

Give yourself a NEW title for the two days you are at SPARKplaces (e.g. "Shepherd of Wicked Question" or "Chief Pilgrim") that will define the spirit of what you hope will be your unique contribution at the event.

Here is what they sent us:

  • 4th Dimension Thinker
  • Innovation Storyteller
  • Inquiry & Learning Sherpa
  • Director, Dot-to-Dot
  • Serial Ideanator
  • Experience Architect & Facilitator of Joy
  • Believer in Impossible Things
  • Field Ecologist of the Mind
  • Suspender of Disbelief
  • Finder of Infinite Rabbit Holes
  • Inquiry Sherpa
  • Fidgeteur
  • Minister of big, messy, sometimes convoluted creative processes that sometimes lead to clarity and action
  • Mr. Make It Happen
  • Innovation and Crazy Ideas Evangelist
  • Facilitator of Disruption
  • Mr. Negative Capability
  • Leader of the Legion of Dorks
  • Dr. Motion
  • Choreographer of Landscapes
  • Captain Lightning Rod
  • Serendipity Amplifier
  • The Seeker
  • Chief Provocateur
  • Lead Disruptor
  • Scout
  • Beautiful Question Asker
  • Director of Liminal Spaces
  • Connections Maven
  • Queen of "Yes, And"
  • Quest
  • Questions
  • Fresh Perspective
  • Wonder Woman Meets Mother Theresa
  • The Crone
  • Bridgebuilder
  • Passionate Learner
  • Sworn Enemy of the Status Quo
  • Chief Mischief Officer
  • Chief of Humor
  • Intrepid Adventurer, Catalyzing Connections
  • Chief Reality Seeker
  • Town Tryer
  • Reflective Contributor
  • Curiosity Curator
  • Locksmith
  • Visionary Stumbler
  • Story Sorter
  • Farmer Ted: planter, collector, observor
  • Born Instigator
  • Space Ranger
  • Queen of Deep Listening
  • "Be Like Water"
  • Creative Spirit